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Recycled video content: my vision

September 3rd, 2007

I have a vision of the Internet where everyone is an editor. Sure, you can post stuff to youtube or have you own blog. But it’s really hard to produce good stuff, and it’s not what people do most of the time. Most of the time you watch!

But why? For most people, talking to others about the movies, books, tv shows and newspapers that you consume is an important part of the media experience. Don’t you have a “cool” friend who queues up his TiVo when you come over and shows you the greatest parts of Jon Stewart? Thanks to Apple, you probably have an annoying guy that wants to show you Youtube videos on his iPhone.

I am in search of the perfect way to share the video that I consume. Here’s my ideal:

  1. Watch TV using my remote and my DVR
  2. When I see something I want, I can use my remote to set a beginning and end of clip
  3. Click publish and then have it upload automagically to youtube
  4. Later, I’d go to my blog and post it
  5. Other people could just subscribe to my video stream

Right now, I have created my own 1 terabyte DVR power by sage.tv. But no one has written the software to set editting points or to publish videos (although I can watch youtube videos on my TV). I use videoReDo Plus to edit the clips. I’m going to start keeping a paper log of the start and stop times as I watch, and then edit afterwards. And then I have to manually upload the videos to youtube. (That’s actually a big hassle, but I won’t bore you with my networking issues.)

Can someone please just write me the code for a sage plugin to do what I want!?!

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