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Death of shame?

September 10th, 2007

I think I just liked the sound of the phrase, “Connected Conversations.” It’s a slight riff off e-thePeople.org‘s motto, “Democracy is a Conversation.” But today I decided to check google and see if other people were using the phrase. It turns out that there is a “Connected Conversation” that is a podcast in hibernation from a guy in Canada. Fortunately, my blog — new as it is — appears as the number one result in google.

I listened to the episode that google sent me to, and I found the topic interesting: the death of shame. This idea seems like a modern update to Huxley’s masterful dystopia written in 1932, “Brave New World.” Does American Idol, Jack Ass, reality TV, youtube, myspace, and, dare I say, blogging, all spring from this common source? I think that there is something to this idea, but I hope that we can distinguish it from more altruistic motives for sharing and cooperating.

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