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What is “Connected Conversations”?

September 28th, 2007

Big IdeasUp from zilch three weeks ago, “Connected Conversations” is up to 25 daily subscribers and 30 daily visitors. Welcome aboard everyone! Since there are so many new people I wanted to repeat and elaborate on my introductory post:

This blog will offer off-the-cuff commentary on technology, politics and academia et cetera, from the perspective of a grad student and social entrepreneur. I like to play in intersections, so over time I’ll try to cover some of the three pairwise intersections and of course anything that I can come up with in the one three-way intersection.

Feel free to join me in this exploration by commenting, or corresponding with me directly at mike@weiksner.com.

Rather than telling, let me show. You could just visit the site and pursue the archives to get a sense of what I like to write about, but here some pointers to some of my favorite and most popular posts so far:

  • Amazing Americans:a powerful patriotic video by a marine
  • Spy vs spy: Seven sites on your side: Why some sites are intentionally broken, creating an opportunity for other sites to fix the experience for you. Wanna get an automatic refund if your airfare goes down? Six other great sites too.
  • Morph madness: Does Mike+Maria=Anna? What does Ben+Angelina=? Spooky!
  • Celibacy and “The Selfish Gene”: Why does celibacy poses a problem for the genetic theory of evolution? May the “selfish allele” offer a better theory of evolution than the “selfish gene”?
  • The power of youtube: Wondering what all the fuss is about youtube? Watch this amusing video that is typical fare on youtube.

So, expect my posts to include neat videos and pointers to cool things as well as analysis and a strong point of view. Thanks for participating in my blogging experiment!


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