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No one knows you’re a dog…

November 3rd, 2007

I guess it’s hard to have an original idea anymore! Here’s a cartoon from June 23, 2007 that is remarkably similar to the idea I posted about earlier this week (“Can you be fooled by a dog on facebook?“)


And more follow up. Here’s a story about a political blogger who posts under the pseudonym, Jon Swift, was banned from facebook and then reinstated after a firestorm among famous bloggers. I guess it possible to create a fake facebook account, but it takes an effort on par with leading a double life.

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  1. November 7th, 2007 at 23:58 | #1

    Mighty decent of you! And thanks for posting the cartoon – I hope you liked it.

    There’s this weird phenomenon when a major news event hits, where editorial cartoonists across the country wrack their brains and then draw exactly the same cartoon about it… completely independently.

    By the way, Jon Swift? A six-year-old Pomeranian. You heard it here first.

  2. November 8th, 2007 at 10:14 | #2

    I enjoyed the cartoon! I guess there are only so many ideas out there. It’s like the monkeys who type “to be or not to be, that is the qwortziplast.”

    And thanks for the heads up about Swift!

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