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Peanut gallery or agenda-setters?

November 5th, 2007

Blogrunner.com has been relaunched. Blogrunner shows the same stories that appear in the NYTimes.com site, but it gives you convenient access to lists of the bloggers who are linking to the stories in the NY Times. In a real way, it is outsourced letters to the editor on steroids.

What blogrunner does is turn the blogosphere into a peanut gallery. You can cry foul that some point was missed in this or that story, cast aspersions, etc., but you don’t get to choose the topics of discussion. The New York Times reserves the right to be the agenda-setter.

In contrast, memeorandum.com puts the bloggers themselves in charge of the agenda. Not only can bloggers comment on the days news, but memeorandum features topics based on activity in the blogosphere. Rather than an hidden committee of elite editors, bloggers collectively decide the agenda.

For now, I am glad that both of these sites are up and running. I am pulling for memeorandum to have increasing power to set the agenda, but the NY Times arguably does the best job in politics and world affairs at the moment. In terms of technology though, memeorandum’s technmeme and other community sites like slashdot and digg do far better job than the NY Times.

So, I am glad that blogrunner is back up to empower the peanut gallery!

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