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The Week is discovered by the NY Times

November 26th, 2007

Out of nowhere, we started receiving this marvelous magazine called the Week. My mom had gotten it for me, because you can send a free subscription to someone else when you renew your subscription. It has changed my life. What is so great about the Week? Here’s how the NYT describes it:

His magazine The Week riffs through all the content in the known universe and digests it into a form that can be disposed of in 20 minutes.

I have always envisioned the media sphere as a giant, multimedia dialogue. This dialogue is difficult to follow because it crosses from tv shows, magazine articles, newspaper editorials and Internet postings. The arguments only obliquely refer to the larger conversational context. And there is no centralized place to find out what was said previously or who will respond next.

Until now! The Week offers such a place. My brother said that he was glad that he received the week but that his verbal opponents were unaware of his source, so that he could pull out arguments from the Christian Science Monitor to Bill O’Reilly and appear to be amazingly media-aware.

But now that the paper of record has written about it, I guess the secret is officially out now. Don’t just subscribe to the Week: cancel all your other magazine subscriptions too! :)

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