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On weekends and evenings, I am helping to launch a start up social networking site called yasnap.com. It’s an interesting idea, I think, but a topic for another day. Today, I want to talk about our experience using 99Designs.com.

99Designs.com is a marketplace for web design. You post a proposal for the job you want, and freelancers from around the globe respond by designing things for you. It could be brochure, a web page, a logo–whatever.

In our case, it was a logo. For a $200 prize (and $70 more in listing fees), we got ~170 designs for our logo! You get to give feedack, so many of these designs were iterations in the direction that we wanted. It was tough picking a winner because many of them were terrific. See the winner above, and a couple of runner ups below:

Runner ups

runner up1

runner up2

Of course, there were some disasterously bad ones too. Here’s a favorite lemon:
yasnap gone wrong

Next up, web page design. Armed with this great logo we are seeing if we can crowd source 2-3 key pages of our service. Wanna compete for our $500 in prizes?

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