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A truly mean-spirited and unfunny prank on Palin

November 12th, 2008

I think I understand a little more why my mom was upset about the previous prank on Palin. I saw the coverage of this scandal on O’Reilly, and I was in total disbelief. I commented to my wife, “it must be a hatchet job.” But I meant by a Republican insider, not a prankster.

Quickly recapped: Fox reported that Palin (1) thought that Africa was a nation, not a continent; (2) couldn’t recall the countries in NAFTA; and (3) had a fit every morning about her press coverage. Now, it turns out the anonymous source for the story was a prankster.

This prank, in my opinion, wasn’t funny. It just harms everyone: the media, candidates and viewers. The media were duped, so they look stupid. Palin was slandered. And it preys on and exposes the prejudices of voters and viewers.

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