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Lessig’s big idea

December 9th, 2008

I love this quote:

I think the big idea, as every big idea is, is just one amazing step beyond where we are right now. And I think you think about the Obama campaign, something like Wikipedia, something like the stuff that’s going on on the Internet, the kind that I think of as read write culture. What it really is doing is reviving the sense that people can do something. Not the passive couch potato politics or couch potato culture, but that they can do something. We’re close to making it really effective. I think the next cycle, what you’re going to see in the way politics functions, will be unrecognizable, even from today. But when we’re there, it will be a revival of ideals, aspirations about democracy that will surprise us. The cynicism that we had in the 20th century will look very 20th century.

Read a nice summary of a fantastic interview by Charlie Rose, with video clips, over at techcrunch.com

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    Nice one. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. My friends will enjoy reading it also.

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