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December 9th, 2008

I’ve started two highly-rated and related conversations about the economy over on e-thePeople. The first one, “Things are worse than you think they are,” talks about how the government has been cooking the books on key economic figures like unemployment, inflation and the GDP and how this deception has contributed to our current crisis (hat tip to my bro for finding this great source for the article.) The second talks about what we can do to get out of this mess (“Economic Stimulus: Burden or investment of a lifetime?“).

The upshot so far to me of these conversations. on the first count, the e-peeps are not too surprised that the government rigging the books but have mixed feelings about whether Obama will come clean. On the second count, some seem mostly cautious about predicting whether the stimulus will work or not, and that we should heed the lessons of FDR. I guess that makes sense because Obama hasn’t spelled out what he plans to do yet.

Both conversations are worth a scan if you have a chance.

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