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The future of online politics

May 29th, 2009

Key people from Youtube (Steve Grove), Facebook (Randi Zuckerberg) and Twitter (Chris Sacca) talk about “Government 2.0“. Very interesting commentary about who is driving the show: it’s Obama and then a bunch of small protestors, etc., from around the world. An interesting 50 minutes.

A good question at the end about what is the new role of the fourth estate. But no good answers to the problem of outreach vs. accountability.

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The threat of Mayonnaise

May 15th, 2009

I have a friend, Bobby Fishkin, who has started a neat startup called ReFrameIt. It is a Firefox plugin that allows you to create and share annotations on the web pages you visit. zingr! Over the past year, he has made very nice technical progress on his service, and has formed a heavy-weight advisory board including such Internet luminaries as Terry Winograd, Esther Dyson and Larry Lessig.

So, imagine Bobby’s surprise when he learned that Miracle Whip was launching a competitive social annotation service called Zingr! My question: did his illustrious board see this coming and how should he respond?! Does he need to take the battle to Miracle Whip’s home turf, perhaps a hip new product like RefraMayo?zingr!

Of course, the real story is that this service was created by an ad agency. Mayonnaise isn’t a real threat, but perhaps Bobby should start talking to other agencies about partnerships if there really is interest in these marketing initiatives.

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May 15th, 2009

Dick Cheney can really raise my dander. Watching this video of how defends the indefensible makes my blood curdle. Perhaps the most appalling aspect is that he was too cowardly to defend these horrible policies when he was in power, and he could have been held to account for his decisions in a meaningful way.

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I do not think that Obama should engage Cheney on the issue of torture. The Obama administration should reach out to Republicans in Congress and issue a joint statement that Cheney’s recent media tour is entirely self-serving, and distracts the nation from the real issues at home and abroad.

And we should figure out a way to banish apologist-in-chief and fellow dead-ender Bill Kristol to an even deeper, darker corner of the Internet.

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More quick hits

May 7th, 2009

I use twitter to share interesting resources, new stories and blog posts that I come across. I am a little perplexed at how the media portrays twitter (and it’s older sibling blogging) as primarily a channel for mundane chitchat about pooping, etc.

Anywho, here are some links that I have stumbled on during the last few weeks. I haven’t had the time or inspiration to write a longer blog post in a while, so this is my somewhat lame attempt to update the content on my blog. There are some good nuggets, so please enjoy!

A few links that were highly received by the twitteratti:

  • Gadzooks! Kindle Books Now A Shocking 35% Of Sales When Kindle Version Available – link
  • Another FaceBook phishing scam. Avoided it myself w/simple rule: Don’t enter your PW anywhere but (duh). link
  • Irony alert: Newspaper Association of America cuts 50% of staff, kills print edition of magazine: link
  • Great info by Forrester about the growth and size of the social media advertising: $500MM in 2008, 34% CAGR thru 2014 link

And a longer list of everything else:

  • Watching: “Chris Sacca, Startup Whisperer” Especially starting at 4:15. link
  • FriendFeed: beyond aggregation to real-time conversations. Still too clever by half perhaps? link
  • Can you imagine JP Morgan expressing such personal emotion? Larry Page’s University of Michigan Commencement Address” link
  • OK, I think I am going to experiment with to replace for how I discover new music: link
  • Coldplay + Buena Vista Social Club? Really? It’s pretty awesome! via link
  • The possibilities of the open stream API of FB are pretty awesome. I’m a big fan: link
  • Interesting bet by hi5 on digital goods not social ads. “Why hi5 Might Have an Edge on Facebook” – link
  • Be lean. Avoid overproduction (making things unwanted features) and inventory (making things that aren’t used NOW)” link
  • The ugliest houses on the market / what you can buy for under a $1,000: link
  • Interesting ideas how to create & improve a marketing web site: link
  • Playing with the newly launch Facebook adobe AIR desktop app. Yeah, open activity streams! link
  • Thanks for documenting the event w pics, @johnmccrea, sad I missed the ‘tasting’! link
  • A nice article about how social media can help you cut through the clutter: link
  • LA Times nails the story about the open stream by FB. Complicated but good move by FB, imo: link
  • “Most graduate programs in American universities produce a product for which there is no market.” NYT:link
  • Big news at Facebook re:activity stream: link
  • Annotating Geithner’s calendar – a perfect actiivity for reframeit? At the NYT: link
  • A way to improve the feeds on SocialFeet? Facebook opens up API for feed items: link
  • Term Sheets are hard work- even w/o a counterparty! WSGR venture financing term-sheet generator is brilliant. link
  • GMailUI is the plugin that you seek for the Thunderbird email client: link
  • Oh, login in autodetection – this is my preferred solution too. Luke at FaceBook describes the problem well. link
  • reading: “Three secrets to make a message go viral” 1) emotion; 2) public service; 3) trigger link
  • great reading: “The Power of Passed Links” link
  • weiks: Spot on. Reid Hoffman: “Rule of 3 for Investing” link
  • reading: “A Better Calling Card: Twitter Challenges Facebook Connect” (ReadWriteWeb) link
  • watching: Peter Thiel vs. Jonathan Zittrain on the future of the Internet link
  • Silicon MBA: This struck a chord “Get a product in the market fast and iterate based on customer feedback” link

And please feel free to follow me directly on twitter (@weiks).

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