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More quick hits

I use twitter to share interesting resources, new stories and blog posts that I come across. I am a little perplexed at how the media portrays twitter (and it’s older sibling blogging) as primarily a channel for mundane chitchat about pooping, etc.

Anywho, here are some links that I have stumbled on during the last few weeks. I haven’t had the time or inspiration to write a longer blog post in a while, so this is my somewhat lame attempt to update the content on my blog. There are some good nuggets, so please enjoy!

A few links that were highly received by the twitteratti:

  • Gadzooks! Kindle Books Now A Shocking 35% Of Sales When Kindle Version Available – link
  • Another FaceBook phishing scam. Avoided it myself w/simple rule: Don’t enter your PW anywhere but Facebook.com (duh). link
  • Irony alert: Newspaper Association of America cuts 50% of staff, kills print edition of magazine: link
  • Great info by Forrester about the growth and size of the social media advertising: $500MM in 2008, 34% CAGR thru 2014 link

And a longer list of everything else:

  • Watching: “Chris Sacca, Startup Whisperer” Especially starting at 4:15. link
  • FriendFeed: beyond aggregation to real-time conversations. Still too clever by half perhaps? link
  • Can you imagine JP Morgan expressing such personal emotion? Larry Page’s University of Michigan Commencement Address” link
  • OK, I think I am going to experiment with blip.fm to replace Last.fm for how I discover new music: link
  • Coldplay + Buena Vista Social Club? Really? It’s pretty awesome! via openzap.com: link
  • The possibilities of the open stream API of FB are pretty awesome. I’m a big fan: link
  • Interesting bet by hi5 on digital goods not social ads. “Why hi5 Might Have an Edge on Facebook” – link
  • Be lean. Avoid overproduction (making things unwanted features) and inventory (making things that aren’t used NOW)” link
  • The ugliest houses on the market / what you can buy for under a $1,000: link
  • Interesting ideas how to create & improve a marketing web site: link
  • Playing with the newly launch Facebook adobe AIR desktop app. Yeah, open activity streams! link
  • Thanks for documenting the event w pics, @johnmccrea, sad I missed the ‘tasting’! link
  • A nice article about how social media can help you cut through the clutter: link
  • LA Times nails the story about the open stream by FB. Complicated but good move by FB, imo: link
  • “Most graduate programs in American universities produce a product for which there is no market.” NYT:link
  • Big news at Facebook re:activity stream: link
  • Annotating Geithner’s calendar – a perfect actiivity for reframeit? At the NYT: link
  • A way to improve the feeds on SocialFeet? Facebook opens up API for feed items: link
  • Term Sheets are hard work- even w/o a counterparty! WSGR venture financing term-sheet generator is brilliant. link
  • GMailUI is the plugin that you seek for the Thunderbird email client: link
  • Oh, login in autodetection – this is my preferred solution too. Luke at FaceBook describes the problem well. link
  • reading: “Three secrets to make a message go viral” 1) emotion; 2) public service; 3) trigger link
  • great reading: “The Power of Passed Links” link
  • weiks: Spot on. Reid Hoffman: “Rule of 3 for Investing” link
  • reading: “A Better Calling Card: Twitter Challenges Facebook Connect” (ReadWriteWeb) link
  • watching: Peter Thiel vs. Jonathan Zittrain on the future of the Internet link
  • Silicon MBA: This struck a chord “Get a product in the market fast and iterate based on customer feedback” link

And please feel free to follow me directly on twitter (@weiks).

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