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The threat of Mayonnaise

I have a friend, Bobby Fishkin, who has started a neat startup called ReFrameIt. It is a Firefox plugin that allows you to create and share annotations on the web pages you visit. zingr! Over the past year, he has made very nice technical progress on his service, and has formed a heavy-weight advisory board including such Internet luminaries as Terry Winograd, Esther Dyson and Larry Lessig.

So, imagine Bobby’s surprise when he learned that Miracle Whip was launching a competitive social annotation service called Zingr! My question: did his illustrious board see this coming and how should he respond?! Does he need to take the battle to Miracle Whip’s home turf, perhaps a hip new product like RefraMayo?zingr!

Of course, the real story is that this service was created by an ad agency. Mayonnaise isn’t a real threat, but perhaps Bobby should start talking to other agencies about partnerships if there really is interest in these marketing initiatives.

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