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How Facebook will change the face of the Internet

April 23rd, 2010

Facebook made some huge announcements yesterday.

At its core, Facebook’s unique capability is identity warranting, i.e., proving that a person is who she says she is. This proof comes in three ways. First, Facebook profiles have an enormous amount of personal information that is difficult to create without intimate knowledge of the person. Second, the network of friends interlinked provide social proof that the profile is indeed who she says she is. Third, Facebook has information about interactions among these real people. The most important of these interactions are group photos, which firmly establish individuals and who they associate with.

With this core in place, Facebook is now unveiling the scaffolding necessary for every site to be social. Imagine if you can always see who the real people who are visiting a site at the same time as you. Imagine if your newsfeed on Facebook contained the highlights of everything your friends are doing anywhere, online or offline. Within five years, these visions will be so real you will not remember what our current anonymous Internet looks like.

Many individuals and sites may want to resist. This change is scary, no doubt! But I see it as inevitable because the immediate benefits to individuals and sites far outweigh the immediate costs. It is unclear whether the longer-term risks are worth it or not, but the short-term economics are too powerful in my opinion to resist.

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Debi Nova

April 10th, 2010

Maria and I had the pleasure of seeing the debut of Debi Nova’s new solo act in NYC last night. Debi is a sister of our neighbor, which is why we were invited to the event, but more relevantly she backed up Ricki Martin and the Black Eyed Peas. I am posting two videos here, the first one professionally produced for MTV and the other one captured by me with my iphone on Thursday night night. Enjoy!

Live video captured on my iPhone – pretty nice quality!

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iPad – so crazy it just might work

April 2nd, 2010

Here’s a great analysis of the iPad, by the former chief evangelist of Apple and famous VC, Guy Kawasaki:

“The first five million will be sold in a heartbeat,” said Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was a marketing executive at Apple in the 1980s. “But let’s see: you can’t make a phone call with it, you can’t take a picture with it, and you have to buy content that before now you were not willing to pay for. That seems tough to me.”

I find the argument completely persuasive.

Except that it ignores the Steve Jobs reality distortion field. His brilliance is turning everything on its head. People will love the content *more* because they have to pay for what was previously free. People will love it because it has *less* freedom than other computers. Perhaps people will particularly love it because it does *not* have a phone or camera.

Whether Kawasaki or Jobs is right, I am fascinated to watch how the iPad experiment unfolds.

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