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iPad – so crazy it just might work

April 2nd, 2010

Here’s a great analysis of the iPad, by the former chief evangelist of Apple and famous VC, Guy Kawasaki:

“The first five million will be sold in a heartbeat,” said Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was a marketing executive at Apple in the 1980s. “But let’s see: you can’t make a phone call with it, you can’t take a picture with it, and you have to buy content that before now you were not willing to pay for. That seems tough to me.”

I find the argument completely persuasive.

Except that it ignores the Steve Jobs reality distortion field. His brilliance is turning everything on its head. People will love the content *more* because they have to pay for what was previously free. People will love it because it has *less* freedom than other computers. Perhaps people will particularly love it because it does *not* have a phone or camera.

Whether Kawasaki or Jobs is right, I am fascinated to watch how the iPad experiment unfolds.

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