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The alphabet according to google

September 9th, 2010

Robert Scoble tweeted this: “Heh, @techcrunch’s @Arrington must be proud. If you go to http://google.com and type “tech” it suggests “crunch.” #thenewSEO.” That got me thinking: what is the alphabet according to google?

So, here is the google alphabet as of today on my computer (while logged out of google):

a – aol (then amazon, aim, apple)
b – bank of america (best buy, bing, bed bath and beyond)
c – craigslist (chase, cnn, costco)
d – dictionary (droid x, dell, drake)
e – ebay (espn, expedia, eminem)
f – facebook (facebook login, fifa, fandango)
g – gmail (google maps, google.com, glee)
h – hotmail (hulu, homedepot, hostop)
i – ikea (iphone, imdb, inception)
j – jetblue (jet blue, jfk, jersey shore)
k – kmart (kayak, kohls, katy perry)
l – lirr (lowes, lost, linkedin)
m – mapquest (myspace, msn, mta)
n – netflix (nj transit, new york times, nordstrom)
o – orbitz (oovoo, old navy, optonline.net)
p – pandora (paypal, petco, people)
q – quotes (qvc, queens college, quest diagnostics)
r – realtor (rite aid, run, radio shack)
s – staples (sears, skype, sprint)
t – target (twitter, td bank, ticketmaster)
u – ups (usps, utube, univision)
v – verizon (verizon wireless, victoria secret, vlc)
w – weather (walmart, white pages, wikipedia)
x – xbox (xm radio, xe, xkcd)
y – yahoo (youtube, yahoo mail, yelp)
z – z100 (zappos, zilllow, zip codes)
1 – 105.1 (1010 wins, 103.5, 101.5)
2 – 2010 calendar (24, 2012, 25 to life lyrics)
3 – 311 (30 rock, 3ds, 3m)
4 – 4chan (411, 4th of july, 4shared)
5 – 50 cent (50 cent weight loss, 500 days of summer, 5 guys)
6 – 60 minutes (6pm, 6th ave, 6 flags)
7 – 7zip (7online, 7chan, 7 eleven)
8 – 8 mile (80’s music, 800 flowers, 808 drum)
9 – 92.3 (97.1, 90210, 92nd street y)
0 – 007 (0, 02, 0-60 times, 06880)
@ – @kingjames (@font-face, @live.com, @bpglobalpr)
& – &nbsp (&lt, &, &hearts, &amp)
. – .net (.rar, .net framework, .mkv)
-,+,!,#,$,*+,=,{,},|,[,],\,?,/,<,> — “your search did not match any documents”

Apparently these results are supposed to be based on frequencies of past queries, with some sort of time element too, and surprisingly to me, your physical location. In other words, the alphabet according to google may evolve over time–a new element of the “google dance”.

Some quick impressions:
– don’t expect to win the letter “g” easily! droid x also looks like intentional self-promotion
– who is katy perry? what is xe?
– some interesting local results: mta, 1010 wins, queens college, nj transit, 6th ave
– potentially “dangerous” results: 4chan
– some shoutouts to competitors: bing, .net, twitter, facebook, etc.

I have to say that the feature can be a little bit distracting too, but I suppose that is part of the point. In any event, very interesting. Go to Google.com to check it for yourself, and please comment if you find anything interesting in your google alphabet.

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  1. søgemaskineoptimering
    March 5th, 2011 at 02:18 | #1

    The Alphabet, according to Google Search Suggestions. A is for Amazon B is for Best Buy C is for Craigslist D is for Dictionary …

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