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Thinking about Apple’s Game Center

March 12th, 2015

I’ve always been annoyed by the “undeletable” apps on my iphone that I don’t use: stocks, newsstand, reminders, passbook, and game center.

I’ve recently been thinking about Game Center, and now I realize it is bit of mixed mag. It actually serves game developers reasonably well, even if few users launch the app. I’d like to share a few thoughts that I posted in tweet storm that may be of interest to others.

  • It’s a good matchmaker for games.
  • An invisible backend for games to store data & power notifications. Going to app itself isn’t important
  • Big problem: “Every leaderboard has maxed-out scores. It’s as easy as changing a value in a file.”
  • It’s ios-only. “Compatibility across multiple platforms.” Android. Facebook. Twitter. Email. They matter.
  • Gold standard for integration: “Letterpress”, (find it in the app store)
  • Missing from @iosgamecenter “compete with only other gamers who are of similar skills,” e.g., newbies vs newbies, experts vs experts
  • Broken in @iosgamecenter. App discovery. Sucks Algorthim is “in need of serious revamp” & “years behind industry standards.

Insights mostly summarizing research from this great reddit conversation and this venturebeat article.

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