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Notes on Mary Meeker’s State of the Net 2009 slides

March 28th, 2009

Mary Meekers slides usefully put a lot of economic data in usable form. Since a lot of it is generic economic trends (well-organized but not novel), I’d like to comment on a few of the more interesting slides on the trends in digital business. Here are some interesting questions that her slides raised for me:

  • Slide 54: Social networks have lowish penetration (<40%), but super high growth (>50%)
  • Slide 62: Social networks have “the opportunity to get in the middle of the conversation”. This insight resonates with my past research on SNs.
  • Slide 78: Implicit question: what will the social advertising eCPMs be if the Internet average is $1.98?
  • Slide 82: Implicit question: to answer the previous question, we have to know how EFFECTIVE a social ad will be. Will social ads be better, similar or worse than the top kinds of ads: paid search engine ads, organic SEO and email marketing?
  • Slide 85-86: Are display, clicks or performance-based models for advertising most appropriate for social ads?
  • Slide 87: What products will be most promising to target for social ads?
  • Slide 108-115: Can social ads be used as effective strategy to enter new international markets?

Finally, I think that these slides show that the recession will accelerate the shift from offline to online advertiser and commerce. If social advertising can be shown to be effective, it will likely see rapid adoption despite being new.

Here is the entire deck for perusal. Enjoy!

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