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What entrepreneurs can learn from Christopher Columbus

October 11th, 2010

I think Christopher Columbus day is really a celebration of discovery. I also believe that the goal of entrepreneurs is to discover a repeatable business. So, what can entrepreneurs learn from Christopher Columbus?

1. The most transformational ideas are crazy. I mean, reach the far east by going *west*?
2. The funding for most grand discoveries often comes from angels, who do so for commercial reasons principally
3. You will probably discover something different than what you originally set out to find (and it may take awhile before you figure out what it is that you’ve discovered!)
4. Even when you find something amazing, you won’t necessarily end up rich

Draw your own conclusions!

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February 12th, 2009

At SocialFeet, we ask ourselves every day: “why is discovery engaging?” and “how can we enable discovery?” The authors of this presentation have provocative and interesting answers to these questions. They have applied these insights to an interesting project, called MrTweet. A key insight: unlike recommendation engines, users will tolerate–perhaps even enjoy–some random results so long as they are kept in the flow of discovery. Enjoy!

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