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Team players

July 8th, 2010

I really liked this interview because Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh seem to care more about winning championships than personal glory. Here’s the interview:

Actually, it reminds me most about pickup ball in NYC. Pickup ball had a few key rules to determine who could play. First, winners stay on, losers leave. Second, one person had “next,” and was responsible for forming a team to play the winners. Third, anyone who wasn’t playing or included on a “next” team could become the leader of claim the next “next” team, and so on.

The interesting dynamic is that sometimes a good player would forgo the opportunity to play “next” because they preferred to sit out a little longer in order to play with their friends and form a really great team of their own choosing. In the long run, this strategy could lead to a winning streak that yielded more court time despite the longer wait to start.

In effect, Wade and Bosh have claimed “next.” And heaven help the other teams in the NBA if LeBron joins too!

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