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Thinking about Apple’s Game Center

March 12th, 2015

I’ve always been annoyed by the “undeletable” apps on my iphone that I don’t use: stocks, newsstand, reminders, passbook, and game center.

I’ve recently been thinking about Game Center, and now I realize it is bit of mixed mag. It actually serves game developers reasonably well, even if few users launch the app. I’d like to share a few thoughts that I posted in tweet storm that may be of interest to others.

  • It’s a good matchmaker for games.
  • An invisible backend for games to store data & power notifications. Going to app itself isn’t important
  • Big problem: “Every leaderboard has maxed-out scores. It’s as easy as changing a value in a file.”
  • It’s ios-only. “Compatibility across multiple platforms.” Android. Facebook. Twitter. Email. They matter.
  • Gold standard for integration: “Letterpress”, (find it in the app store)
  • Missing from @iosgamecenter “compete with only other gamers who are of similar skills,” e.g., newbies vs newbies, experts vs experts
  • Broken in @iosgamecenter. App discovery. Sucks Algorthim is “in need of serious revamp” & “years behind industry standards.

Insights mostly summarizing research from this great reddit conversation and this venturebeat article.

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Add a Tip or Skip widget to your site!

December 14th, 2012

You can play my tips (ie, right here is this blog post:

If you want something like this on your site, just modify a width/height (gotcha: they appear in two places in the code) and replace the user=mike with your Grab the code and go!

<iframe width='600px' height='450px' frameborder='0' style='border:0' scrolling='no' src=''>

Next up, I’m going to try to integrate the widget into my site more permanently. Enjoy!

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Mobile-first development

December 13th, 2011

Kleiner Perkin’s iFund really has the criteria for mobile success nailed. For the quick hits, here are what they call the “10 Criteria for iFund Success”:

1. Inherently mobile use cases
2. Context ver content
3. Real-time, immediate utility
4. Simplicity
5. Frequent usage
6. Inherently viral
7. Massive scale possibility
8. Natural business model
9. Cross-platform with mobile integral
10. Take full advantage of iphone platform

There is a ~8min portion that is definitely worth watching starting at about 14 minutes into this lecture at Stanford on iTunes U. Enjoy!

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