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Quick hits / twitter recap

March 16th, 2009

So, I’m a month into my twitter experiment. (Plug: follow me at @weiks on It’s been pretty interesting, although time- and attention-consuming. Here are some of the links that I’ve shared and tweeted about. (I got the idea from Andrew Chen.) I am not sure how valuable this post will be. I suppose if just one reader finds just one link valuable, then I know it will have been worth it.

  • A VC who still wants to invest in FB co’s (Dave McClure) link

  • The right way is to post your status updates to twitter. You can target only some to appear on FB with this app: link

  • Clay @shirky’s interesting historical analysis of the demise of newspapers link

  • a great find for font afficiandos link

  • Orrin Hatch was soliciting comments on the budge via twitter (none yet). Note that he has MBL. link

  • Terrific commentary! But I think Jed is hopeless optimistic. Twobbying is here to stay, sadly. link

  • Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart: they are both right, and it’s funy! link

  • Database of VC’s – resource for startups link

  • Can you lobby congress with tweets? An interesting effort by the Sunlight Foundation link

  • Interesting: “Will Search-Marketing Dollars Also Shift to Social Media?” link

  • holykaw! SocialMedia reports that some Facebook Developers are making over $700,000 a month. Awesome! link

  • 47 Awesome Twitter Tools You Should be Using link

  • ideas how to distribute music into twitter link

  • This FB connect chat feature is quite interesting. and look at the example site too! link

  • a powerful partnership to aggregate (and not just distribute) content via social networks link

  • An interesting model for monetizing social actions (here, a tweet) link

  • A service that helps you decide whether to follow someone back on twitter…looks cool, giving it a try now. link

  • disqus is leading the way with twitter, reblog and FB connect functionality for comments link

  • taking quizzes and blowing them out by vertical (e.g., romance) and by channel (e.g., myspace, fb) – interesting! link

  • An interesting e-gov conference: Personal Democracy Forum 2009 link

  • interesting reading: how twitter is a hybrid between a space (like a forum) and a channel (like email) link

  • a great article on newsfeed optimization on fb link

  • My Twitteristics: Tweets 10X as much as the Twitter founders(26/day), Engaging(37%), Hyperlinked(52%)! link

  • “In the meantime, the lobbyists are getting the news they need. The voters, not so much.” link

  • Been there, done that. Nice post. “Jason Calacanis: What to do if your startup is about fail” link

  • hahaha: “Our Social Media Future (comic)” link

  • Another one bites the dust. No federal bailout for newspapers? link

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