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Tennis humor

September 13th, 2007

My neighbor just showed me these amusing comedic highlights from the US Open. Enjoy!

gimelstob’s next career move:

Djokovic’s imitations of Sharapova and Nadal:

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Service comparison: Djorkovic vs Federer

September 10th, 2007

Djorkovic has what I consider to be the best “classic” serve. As you can see clearly in this video, it is compact and hence repeatable. It is a three-step move, (down, up, hit!) and the ball toss is completely vertical. Check it out:

Compare Djorkovic’s serve to Federer’s:

His move is fluid so it’s hard to say how many steps it is. Also, he loops his ball toss! Most instructors will kill you for doing this, because it is so hard to repeat. But for Federer, it gives him a great advantage: he can achieve different spins and placements off the same toss depending on how and when he chooses to strike the ball. In contrast, Djorkovic will vary his toss too to change spins and placements but his opponent can tell before he hits it what he is likely to be doing.

Well, I guess yesterday’s result shows that the loopy toss is the best if you are as good as Federer. I’m not, so I’m working on the straight and narrow!

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John MacEnroe, Bammer’s bastard kid and my white lines

September 3rd, 2007

There can only be one all-time best, and for tennis TV commentators (and perhaps all sports), the best is John MacEnroe.

So here are two great examples of entertaining commentary. In this first clip from sunday night (39 secs), MacEnroe adds cutting social commentary to the match. Tracey Austin tells a heartwarming tale of a woman whose tennis career has actually improved since becoming a mom five years ago. At the end, Austin attempts to credit the boyfriend for providing the encouragement: “Her boyfriend says, ‘You still have your best years ahead of you. Let’s try to go back on the circuit…” And John interrupts, “Let’s not get married.” “John!”

The second one isn’t humorous. But I just think he is on top of the real issues. I asked this exact question to my friend in my match today. And frankly, he had a better answer than anyone on this telecast: “It’s a vestige of how the lines work on traditional grass courts.” But John asked this important philosophical question so much more poignantly than I ever could: “Why is it when it hits that white part–the line–it skids?

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